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Triple Crown Roofing, Inc

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Roof coating installation

Waterproof your roof

Save yourself thousands of dollars in maintenance repairs and energy bills with a new Hydro Stop flat roofing system on your home or commercial building.

 • Added durability

 • Resistance to acid rain and chemical pollutants

 • Wide range of colors for visual appeal

 • Non-toxic and safe to install

 • Warranties available

 • Ultraviolet and infrared resistant

 • Long lasting

What are the benefits?

If your roof is beyond repair, talk to our seasoned crew with 25 years of experience about a new metal roof.


Experience a huge difference in your energy bills and worry less about sustained damages during any type of storm by getting this type of roofing professionally installed in your home.

Do you need a new roof?

We exceed the highest standards


Enjoy the hurricane force wind resistance and solar reflectivity

of your new Hydro Stop

flat roof system.

Newly coated roof Blue metal roof