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Triple Crown Roofing, Inc

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New shingled roofing of a house

Obtain affordable fiberglass shingles

Our seasoned and professional installers will quickly and affordably install new fiberglass shingles on your home or business.


 • Fire protection

 • Damage resistance

 • Professional service

 • Quality products

 • Reasonable prices

 • Code and regulation approved

 • Satisfaction guarantee

Let us take care of the details

If you are tired of replacing your fiberglass shingles all the time, talk to us about metal roofing. Metal roofing can last you a lifetime, while shingles last for an average of 16 years.


Save time, money, and energy by having a metal roof installed on your home. Enjoy a lower energy bill and more protection from wind and water.

Try something new

Let us come and inspect your shingles


When your fiberglass shingles are starting to suffer the damages of wear and tear,

let us replace them.

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In direct sun exposure at noon on an 89 degree day, the surface temperature on the underside of a roof in the attic was almost 91 degrees, just a 2 degree difference from outside air temperature. Before the new roof, the temperature was 120 degrees.


Ask about the Energy Saver roof option. A special radiant and thermo barrier is placed between your roof deck and the new roof. This heat barrier, in combination with your new roof, can reduce your attic airspace temperature by 30%. Imagine the savings by having 30% less heat forcing its way into your air conditioned house.